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connecting to rrdcached using tcp sockets doesn't work due to absolute RRD paths

Reported by: dbalint Owned by: nobody
Priority: normal Milestone: Munin 2.2
Component: master Version: devel
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I tried to use rrdcached with munin in a setup where munin-update and munin-cgi-graph runs on separate machines. To achieve this, rrdcached supports communication via tcp sockets, however when specifying it to munin, the following error is displayed in the logfile:

2011/08/12 07:52:51 [ERROR] In RRD: Error updating /opt/munin/master/var/QA/host1/service1-Max-g.rrd: absolute path names not allowed when talking to a remote daemon

Rrdcached was startid the following way:

sudo -u munin rrdcached -l -p /path/to/rrdcached.pid -g -j /path/to/journal/

Rrdcached was specified using the environment variable RRDCACHED_ADDRESS.

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