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possible template issue causing broken links on the category pages with "virtual" domains

Reported by: dbalint Owned by: nobody
Priority: normal Milestone: Munin 1.4.7
Component: plugins Version: 1.4.5
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I have a possibly template related (minor) issue. I'm using munin-cgi-graph, and munin-cgi-html.

If I click to a service under "Categories" I get to a page where the plugin's graphs are showed for all the machines the plugin is installed to. There is a link to the given machine above every graph like this:
machine_name :: plugin title

The machine name link is broken, it's not assembled properly.

Currently the link is the following:


however it should be:


The machines are defined in munin.conf the following way:


address machine1
use_node_name yes


address machine2
use_node_name yes

As you can see the machines are defined to be under a "virtual" domain, this is probably what is messing up the links.

However if I click the daily view on the overview page for a given domain, the links above the graphs are generated properly.

This is a minor issue, but maybe it can be fixed quickly (maybe via a template modification).

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Forgot to mention: using 2.0 beta 4

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