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Please document DERIVE and COUNTER operates on integer numbers only

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Priority: normal Milestone: Munin 2.0.0
Component: documentation Version: 1.4.6
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Regarding wiki:fieldname.type?:

Somewhat surprising but due to limitations of rrdtool, values of fields with the type DERIVE or COUNTER only take integer values as an argument. Please document that since at the moment, a generated graph contains only -NaN while the error message like

[ERROR] In RRD: Error updating /var/lib/munin/(...)/(...)-d.rrd: /var/lib/munin/(.../(...)-d.rrd: not a simple signed integer: '0.5'

is well hidden in the in the update log.

I'd take the opportunity to enhance wiki:protocol-config? to update the description of {fieldname}.value into something like:

Output must be integer number for fields of type DERIVE and COUNTER, additionally a decimal number or in scientific notation for GAUGE.

(ABSOLUTE needs checking.)

See also:
Debian bug report #543631: rrdupdate does not support floating point values with DERIVE, COUNTER

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