#1233 new defect

munin-graph 2.0.0 does not recognize debug option

Reported by: czachor Owned by: nobody
Priority: normal Milestone: Munin 2.0.0
Component: web-interface Version: 2.0-beta4
Severity: normal Keywords:


-bash-3.2$ /usr/share/munin/munin-graph --debug
Unknown option: debug
Usage: /usr/share/munin/munin-graph [options]


--[no]fork Do not fork. By default munin-graph forks sub

processes for drawing graphs to utilize available
cores and I/O bandwidth. [--fork]

--n n Max number of concurrent processes [6]
--[no]force Force drawing of graphs that are not usually

drawn due to options in the config file. [--noforce]

--[no]lazy Only redraw graphs when needed. [--lazy]
--help View this message.
--version View version information.
--debug View debug messages.
--[no]cron Behave as expected when run from cron. (Used internally

in Munin.)

--host <host> Limit graphed hosts to <host>. Multiple --host options

may be supplied.

--only-fqn <FQN> For internal use with CGI graphing. Graph only a

single fully qualified named graph, e.g. --only-fqn


Always use with the correct --host option.

--config <file> Use <file> as configuration file. etc/munin/munin.conf
--[no]list-images List the filenames of the images created.


--output-file -o Output graph file. (used for CGI graphing)
--log-file -l Output log file. (used for CGI graphing)
--[no]day Create day-graphs. [--day]
--[no]week Create week-graphs. [--week]
--[no]month Create month-graphs. [--month]
--[no]year Create year-graphs. [--year]
--[no]sumweek Create summarised week-graphs. [--summweek]
--[no]sumyear Create summarised year-graphs. [--sumyear]
--pinpoint <start,stop> Create custom-graphs. <start,stop> is the standard unix Epoch. [not active]
--size_x <pixels> Sets the X size of the graph in pixels [175]
--size_y <pixels> Sets the Y size of the graph in pixels [400]
--lower_limit <lim> Sets the lower limit of the graph
--upper_limit <lim> Sets the upper limit of the graph

NOTE! --pinpoint and --only-fqn must not be combined with
--[no]<day|week|month|year> options. The result of doing that is


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