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local_address configuration variable not respected

Reported by: geerlingguy Owned by: nobody
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Component: design Version: devel
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After troubleshooting why I was getting an 'Invalid parameter' error when running munin-update, I found that the 'local_address' variable being passed into IO::Socket::INET6 was set to 0. I tried setting localhost or in my munin.conf file, but those values weren't going through. (I set the local_address globally, and inside a node tree, but neither setting went through.

I looked at Config.pm, and it seems the local_address is explicitly set to 0, and I couldn't tell whether there was any way my variable was being picked up.

If I edit Node.pm and manually set LocalAddr? on line 87 to 'localhost', munin-update runs without a problem.

I've had munin running without a problem on this server since I installed an early 1.x version a few years ago; after upgrading to 2.0.8, this problem came up, and it's still present with the latest checkout.

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