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Please document annoyances due to nsca protocol breakage

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Some things that should go into


about incompability in recent nsca versions. Feel free to adjust where needed. Flames should be sent to the nsca author.

See also:

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The nsca protocol underwent incompatible changes at version 2.9, so changes in the munin master configurations are inevitable.

A simple workaround is to add

contact.nagios.max_messages 1

to the master's munin.conf file. Drawback: This creates a send_nsca process for each status line, increasing CPU usage.

If you cannot upgrade the nsca client and server installations at the same time, make sure to upgrade the server first.

Once both your local send_nsca and the server have been upgraded to 2.9 or newer, you can again combine several status messages into a single send_nsca call, however:

  1. The separator in nsca has changed, so a workaround is needed like in

contact.nagios.command tr '\n' '\27' | /usr/bin/send_nsca nagios.host.comm -c /etc/nsca.conf

  1. There are some vague reports the number of lines a single call is limited. If same status lines get lost, consider the setting

contact.nagios.max_messages 5

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It might be worth an idea for future munin versions to make the line separator in LimitsOld?.pm configurable:

if(defined $pipe and !print $pipe $txt, "\n") {

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