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munin server config file should support 'include' statements

Reported by: pere Owned by: janl
Priority: high Milestone: Munin 3.0.0
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Description (last modified by janl)

t would be more convenient and avoid edit conflicts if the munin
server config file supported include statements. Here at the university
of Oslo we generate the list of hosts to monitor based on those reporting
in to a central server, and we had to write our own system to generate the
complete munin.conf file using fragments. It would be more elegant and
convenient if the manually edited parts were in one file, and the autogenerated
stuff were in another file.

Please add support for something like this:

  # Configuration file for Munin
  dbdir /var/lib/munin
  include /var/lib/sitesummary/munin-nodes.conf
  # End of the config file

This would make it a lot easier to handle autogenerated munin server

Perhaps some 'includedir' statement could be added as well, to make it
easier for other packages to provide munin configuration without
messing with the configuration files of munin directly?

Petter Reinholdtsen

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And "includedir".

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We have a simple includedir now. Not closing as I want to add "include" and make "includedir" more versatile.

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As janl explained privately :

The "includedir" statement is actually not processed during reading.

It is just stored, and then checked for after, and then that (one) directory is processed for configurations.

To get it the "right" way we have to change the config input processor to handle "include" and "includedir" while reading the input

I'm pushing it for 3.0, since there already is an "includedir" statement usable for now.

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