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munin.conf group directive error - can't reset an unset group.

Reported by: Gavitron Owned by: jo
Priority: normal Milestone: Munin 2.2
Component: master Version: 1.4.3
Severity: normal Keywords: munin.conf reset group definition.


Upgraded from munin 1.2.6 to munin 1.4.3.

I chose to keep my existing munin.conf file, and found this bug as a consequence.

Previously, per http://munin-monitoring.org/wiki/faq#Q:CanIchangetheorderofthedomains I had the following lines in my munin.conf

domain_order Zgroup Ygroup Xgroup 
contacts webmaster

I had put these lines after the global directives, but before any named-groups. (ie: [group1;] )

in 1.2.6 this worked without issue, but in 1.43 munin-update failed to load the config.

commenting out the [] fixed the issue, but this indicates a problem with the config parser.

either the warning emitted by the config parser should be more specific that you can't reset the group definition before a group is defined, or it should just fail gracefully, and continue past.

at the least, maybe the wiki page I reference could be updated to note this caveat?

Change History (3)

comment:1 Changed at 2010-09-02T22:30:26+02:00 by Gavitron

heh, didn't realize I had write access to the wiki - should have checked first. You can scratch the last line, as I already made the note. Fix the bug though. :)

comment:2 Changed at 2011-01-07T14:59:08+01:00 by jo

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comment:3 Changed at 2012-02-02T21:51:51+01:00 by snide

  • Milestone changed from Munin 1.4.7 to Munin 2.1
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