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Author Guidelines

Available Documentation

Steve Schnepp? held a short lecture about Munin at DebConf13. Discover some hints about how to scale with 2.0, and the 2.2 roadmap in the slides.

Distribution and Installation

Other Munin Distributions


Sending Alerts



Doc about Plugins

Programs & Files

Node Program munin-node?, munin-node-configure, munin-run
Configuration munin-node.conf, plugin-conf.d
MasterProgram munin-cron, munin-update, munin-limits, munin-graph, munin-html
Configuration munin.conf


Needed Documentation

  • SNMP-plugin user guide
    • Munin for MRTG users
  • Catalog of included plugins
  • Catalog of contributed plugins with download buttons
  • HOWTO make packages: How to build packages for RPM systems, Debian, AIX, Solaris, etc...



Gabriele Pohl and Michael Renner have published an entire, thoroughly written book on Munin in German: Munin - Graphisches Netzwerk- und System-Monitoring (ISBN 978-3-937514-48-2), published by Open Source Press in cooperation with Linpro.

The TOC, in conjunction with Nikolai's and Jimmy's foreword, is available in PDF format, as is a sample chapter on the configuration of the Munin master which covers, among others

  • the configuration of contacts,
  • virtual hosts and plugins,
  • how to write your own colour palette,
  • how to generate Munin graphs using a CGI,
  • how to protect your graphs using password.

Focused Guides

Bart ten Brinke has written a starter book dedicated mostly to plugin writing : Instant Munin Plugin Starter (ISBN 9781849696746), published by Packt Publishing.

The book covers :

  • Configure a Munin master
  • Set up a Munin node
  • Install plugins
  • Monitoring hardware
  • Setting up the Munin master webserver
  • Writing a plugin in Bash and Perl
  • Finding plugins to monitor specifics in your network

Third Party Articles / Documents

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