Munin Exchange moved to GitHub

Attention: The content of this page has been moved to the Munin Guide Munin Exchange. This wiki page has therefore been set to "Read only" and later will be purged.

Short version:

Now the official way of contributing to 3rd-party plugin is to fork our new git contrib repo.

Use Munin Plugin Gallery to browse scripts, description and example graphs (instruction for upload) from the core and contrib repo.

Longer version:

The exchange website was perfect for us to have community plugins, sadly it is no longer working correctly, as uploads and download are broken. We managed to contact the admin, but he didn't manage to solve the issue in the little free time he has currently, but he kindly offered a dump of both the code and the data.

The problem is that it is coded in python with django, so we decided to move all the plugins repository over to github as we clearly lack skills on that.

This move has some good and bad points :

  • Distributed version came in for free. Forking the plugins repository is now the official way to contribute.
  • Use is much more complicated for our average plugin uploader. The web UI was *very* nice in that respect.

Ideal world would be to be able to hook up the old interface with a github repo. Maybe in 2012 :)

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