Munin Guide

Work in progress

All content that is instruction on using or installing the Munin software shall be put to the Munin Guide! We are just moving this sort of content from existing wiki pages to the Munin Guide.

The wiki should be used from now on only for community info and dialog, work in progress, ideas and drafts.


Put this box on all pages, where the content has already been moved completely to the Munin Guide and set the page to read-only Remember to change the link and title in the box according to the Munin Guide's page where the content is to find now!

Attention: The content of this page has been moved to the Munin-Guide Title of the page. This wiki page has therefore been set to "Read only" and later will be purged.

Put this box on all pages with content that should be moved to the Munin Guide

Attention: Content of this page should be moved to the Munin-Guide --> Visit the Guide now.
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