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The munin install procedure is not standard GNU nor is it standard Perl.

The GNU standard procedure is overkill compared to the simple needs of a scripted system. The standard Perl install procedure will probably be used in the future. For now it uses a simple "hand made" system that's also easy to hook packageing into.

The install procedure processes all *.in files in the distribution. In these files a number of substitutions are made:

@@PREFIX@@Usually /usr or /opt/munin
@@BINDIR@@$PREFIX/bin - munin-cron is found here.
@@SBINDIR@@$PREFIX/sbin - munin-node* is found here
@@DBDIR@@Where RRD files etc. goes.
@@PERL@@Path to the systems perl as found in the installers $PATH, often /usr/bin/perl
@@PERLLIB@@The perl configurations sitelib variable
@@PYTHON@@Path to the systems python as found in the installers $PATH
@@OSTYPE@@The output of the uname command in lowercase. On Linux it's "linux".
@@HOSTNAME@@The output of the hostname command
@@MKTEMP@@What procedure to call to safely make temporary files on this system
@@VERSION@@The version of Munin. Not always numerical, use pattern matching to test
@@PLUGSTATE@@The name of a directory owned and writable by "munin" that plugins can write state files to. BUG: Plugins that needs to be run by other users, what should they do? Set to $DBDIR/plugin-state
@@USER@@Default user to run munin as. The default is "munin".
@@GROUP@@Default file group to run munin as. The default is "munin".
@@PLUGINUSER@@Default user to run munin plugins as. The default is "nobody". Note: munin-node runs as root ahd then changes identity to the correct user for each plugin it runs
@@GOODSH@@Path to a default POSIX shell, often /bin/sh
@@BASH@@Path to bash. The default is /bin/bash

In the future these variables (or a subset) will probably be available in the plugins' environment as $MUNIN_${VARIABLE}.

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