So you want to hack munin?

Sure. Things that needs to be done:

  • POD document all plugins. This requires some knowledge about the system that is being graphed but little knowledge about programming.
  • Look around in the Wiki. Pages that focus on using, configuring and admnistrating the Munin software shall be moved to the Munin Guide if the statements are still true for the current versions of Munin (>= 2.0). You need a github account to feed content to the Munin Guide. See detailed instructions for docs contributors.
  • Subscribe to the munin-users mailinglist, which is also used for Munin developer talk. To hang on Munin IRC and join the weekly IRC meeting there will also be helpful.
  • More plugins for non-linux platforms:
    • BSD plugins
    • Solaris plugins
    • AIX plugins
    • HP-UX plugins
  • Plugins for different "engines": JBoss, Java frameworks/APIs (note that there are some things for java in general), Plone, ..
  • Make/improve (OO) plugin frameworks for Python, perl (Munin:OOPlugin ?), and Ruby?
  • Solve issues. Even if a ticket is assigned there will probably be no-one working on it.
  • Work on features, and consider the WishList. Note that some of the features also have tickets.

Ask on the munin-users mailing list if you have any questions.

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