Candidate changesets for 1.2

There are a few things that are fixed in the trunk that should be "backported" to 1.2 if anyone wants to maintain 1.2.

This is the developers list:

  • r2377: match reset$ in freebsd netstat plugin. Fixes #708.
  • r1776: Remove "max" field from samba plugin. Fixes #639
  • r1445/r1902: Check for munin user and group on HP-UX. Fixes #665
  • r1860: munin-node --help hardcodes path to munin-node.conf file. Fixes #666
  • rXXXX

If non-developers have wishes about changesets that should be put into the 1.2 series, please put the items here.

  • rXXXX: Doc

Now in 1.2 series

  • r1186/r1187: Document "allow" and "host" in munin-node.conf
  • r1158: Document graph_strategy slightly better
  • r1159/r1160: Fix depreciated env setting error messages. (bug fix)
  • r1342: Improve cgi doc in munin.conf
  • r1341: Munin-limits: Fix typo: oks -> ok, should improve function
  • r1304: make "host" in munin-node.conf clearer
  • r1181: Install platform specific plugins after generic plugins so that the specific overwrite the generic (bug fix)
  • r1169/r1170/r1171: Fixes to make munin-node-configure more robust. Fixes for --debug in munin-run. Add monkeywrench testcases.
  • r1320/r1321: node.d.linux/irqstats - stop undefined message
  • r1176: The bit, remove the warning on overcommit (bug fix)
  • r1180: Kluge to make graph lines narrower. Undo the $global_headers = 1; bit. (bug fix)
  • r1179: Detect and interpret scientific format for rrd (bug fix)
  • r1183/r1198: Put @@ values into environment of munin-node and munin-run to help plugins
  • r1184: Introduce and Munin::Plugin to support plugins
  • r1281: Detect systems without setr[ug]id functionality at build time (at least OSX)
  • r1282: Commented-out alternatives for installing on OSX in Makefile.config
  • r1286: Minor bugfix/error message improvements in munin-html.
  • r1303:As pr #510 make df plugins sensitive to warning and critical environment variables
  • r1185/r1188/r1384+r1389 node/linux: Update default exclude list of filesystem types we don't need to graph
  • r1285: Fix bug in node.d/ntp_ where it graphed the wrong jitter value. (also merged r970 , r1220 , r1285 , r1329 to ntp_ / ntp_states)
  • r1330: Make ntp_ plugins recognize internal master clocks as internal
  • r1289: Fixed timeout bug (timeout not working where intended) in munin-update.
  • r1052/r1298/r1299: Make bsd if_ plugin not resolve IPs - much faster that way (verified to work now)
  • r1287: Detaint pid (from pidfile) properly before using kill to check whether the old proc is still alive. (also merged r1155 / r1175 )
  • r1308: fix for some SuSE Linux kernels in
  • r1307: postfix_mailvolume works too much
  • r1300: Clearify use of "env.var value" (the debian-Part is merged to branches/debian/etch|lenny because there is no dists/debian/... in 1.2)
  • Copy surfboard plugin from trunk (just for the record: r1433)
  • r1312: fix port_ plugin to report 'U' if we don't know (also merged r793/r794/r1167)
  • r1323: Efficient locking in munin-cgi-graph. munin-cgi-graph was always considered experimental... (also merged: r1217, r1322)
  • r1337: The bit in Give human readable error messages
  • r1317: apt_all fixes (also merged r871 )
  • r1385+r1386: Filter "attempt to put segment in horiz list twice" in a better way to avoid evaluating rrd output in the shell
  • Copy postfix_mailstats from trunk to 1.2, replaced a = with a =~
  • r1391: munin-limits: remove unused code which is also confusing (the code was unused... maybe not put in 1.2)
  • r1392: munin-limits: fix redirect handling (bugfix)
  • r1420: Remove .lock-files as they become unused. This removes ambiguity around munin programs still running or not.
  • r1401: Fix perl warning stemming from empty environment value (this is apparently broken for variables containing '0')
  • r1430: Fixed test-case and some other things. Copy from trunk again please
  • r1421+r1428+r1429: Introduce munindoc for nodes (and bugfix it :-) Please check if the plugins are data comatible if you copy them.
  • r1431: Fix irqstats to work with 2.6.24, fixes debian #463721.
  • r1454: munindoc'ify apache_ plugins, include doc on basic http authentication. Copy all apache_ plugins from trunk.
  • r1449: Bugfixed FreeBSD if_* plugins. Copy from trunk.
  • r1450: Bugfixed hddtemp_smartctl for FreeBSD ATA disks. Copy from trunk.
  • r1521: Fix issues w.r.t. log file rotation in exim_mailistats plugin. Now tested.
  • r1524: Ditto for in postfix_mailvolume plugin. Tested.
  • r1528: Munin::Plugin, security fix for save_state, do not follow symlinks when opening file for writing.
  • r1555: multips plugin: Bugfixed, documented and enhanced. Copy from trunk. (in r1590)
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