This munin-plugin shows the size of every users home directory in a munin-diagram.

A cronjob will be needed to cache the actual directory sizes in a file. Be sure to

  • execute the job as root, other users probably don't have read access to all home directories
  • allow the munin user to read the cachefile
  • disallow anyone else to write to this file. Better yet, create the file during system startup.

A crontab entry might look like:

0 * * * * root [ -O /tmp/munin-homedirs.cache ] && du -sk /home/* > /tmp/munin-homedirs.cache

But beware: This is indeed a very wasteful way to create such a graph. I suggest you use quotas for that. (Tobias, do you still have this repquota script?)

I have updated the repquota plugin and uploaded it as an attachment to this ticket

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