Monitor the number of pages printed (this plugin will be in 1.3.3, is in subversion 1066)

This plugin was written because the snmp_ _users gives some magic results on Windows. The user count is not related to the number of current users.

RequirementsPerl Net::SNMP
Supported platformsSNMP enabled Windows teminal servers
Written byRune Nordbøe Skillingstad - rune.skillingstad@…


No special munin configuration needed. Supports general SNMP configuration

  • timeout - defaults to 30 seconds
  • host - hostname to get values from (defaults to filename style)
  • port - defaults to port 161
  • community - default to public

Copy snmp_ _rdp_users to /usr/share/munin/plugins and run munin-node-configure-snmp terminalserver.domain.tld (cut and paste the suggested ln commands you like)

# munin-node-configure-snmp terminalserver.domain·tld
ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/snmp__rdp_users /etc/munin/plugins/snmp_terminalserver.domain.tld_rdp_users
   env.timeout 30 terminalserver.domain.tld
   env.port 161 public

Collated printer graph

This is an example on how to make a graph of multiple terminal servers:

Place something like this in your /etc/munin/munin.conf

    update no
    users.graph_title Remote users on terminal servers
    users.graph_total Total
    users.graph_vlabel Remote users
    users.graph_order \
      ts1=ts1.domain.tld:snmp_ts1_domain_tld_rdp_users.users \
      ts2=ts2.domain.tld:snmp_ts2_domain_tld_rdp_users.users \
    users.ts1.draw AREA Terminal server 1
    users.ts2.draw STACK Terminal server 2
    users.ts3.draw STACK Terminal server 3
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