Monitor supply levels (ie toner level and/or maintenance cartridges) on printers via SNMP

RequirementsPerl Net::SNMP
Supported platformsSNMP capable printers adhering to RFC1759 (which include most HP LaserJets)
Written bySveinung Marvik - sveinung.marvik@…
Rune Nordbøe Skillingstad - rune.skillingstad@…


No special munin configuration needed. Supports general SNMP configuration.

  • timeout - defaults to 30 seconds
  • host - hostname to get values from (defaults to filename style)
  • port - defaults to port 161
  • community - default to public

Copy snmp_ _supplies to /usr/share/munin/plugins and run munin-node-configure-snmp myprinter.domain.tld (cut and paste the suggested ln commands you like)

# munin-node-configure-snmp myprinter.domain.tld
ln -s /usr/share/munin/plugins/snmp__supplies /etc/munin/plugins/snmp_myprinter.domain.tld_supplies
   env.timeout 30 myprinter.domain.tld
   env.port 161 public
   env.warning 10
   env.critical 5
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