Implemented extensions

  1. Design: Capabilities? (In 1.4.0)
  2. Scalability: Multiple graphs from one plugin (In 1.4.0)
  3. Scalability: Let multigraph plugins create graph hierarchies? (In 1.4.0)
  4. Scalability: Dirty "fetch" output allows munin to skip a later "fetch"? (in trunk now, for 2.0)
  5. Scalability: Spooling extension for better scaling? (in trunk now, for 2.0)

Proposed extensions

  1. Error handling: Log transfer extension to collect errors on the central node and present in web-browser
  2. Management: Use network discovery perl tools to help auto-generate a initial munin configuration (and update it as network devices are added) and set up SNMP probing of network devices, windows, ..., linux and the like
  3. Management: Let nodes notify a server of their existence
  4. Managability/plug-and-play: install-autoconfig - plugins that can say how they want to be configured.
  5. Most requested features: Both push and pull over ssh and http. The async-node feature in 2.0 will enable this, and it can probably be supported by add-ons to 2.0 with no changes in the core software. If we want or someone contributes.

Scraped extensions

  1. Light perl plugins?
  2. Scalability: RRD update spooling? to make rrd updating and graphing scale better. RRD file updating is not our primary problem.
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