Munin's Roadmap

See the Roadmap in Trac to get the most accurate state of Munin's development.

There are plans and wishes for Munin. For features that does not have priority yet see WishList.

Munin 1.2 maintenance

Munin 1.2 is not maintained by anyone involved in Munin. It is being maintained in Debian until the last Debian with Munin 1.2 is end-of-lifed.

Munin 1.4

Munin 1.4 was released in November 2009. It included hierarchy nesting, nested graphs (multigraph extention). We're releasing bug fix versions of it at irregular intervals.

Munin 2.0

Munin 2.0 was released in 2012 with this feature set:

  • FastCGI-graphing a mainline feature (enhances scalability)
  • Zoomable graphs
  • Native ssh support
  • Dirty config? (enhances scalability, simplifies plugins)
  • Deep multigraph nesting
  • Polling intervals down to one minute (via async node feature)
  • Via async node feature, spooling? (enhances scalability)

Future Versions

Well, that's the plan. In real life, things can be moved between versions.

Munin 2.1

  • Having a fully recursive wildcarding configuration
  • Unique node ID (node moving, aliasing, ...)
  • Multiple datafiles (enable node-push)
  • Convert the core plugins to multigraph ones.
  • TCP enabled RRDCACHED + rrddir (enables nfs hosted RRDs)
  • Rewrite the HTML CGI (maybe with Template Toolkit)
  • ACLs for HTML+GFX (enables filtering & multiple views)
  • Enabling to draw a completely custom GFX (choosing the fields, ...)
  • Make munin-async a first-class citizen.
  • HTML5-only UI

Munin 3.0

  • SQL backend for datafile
  • Extrapolation feature that forecasts failures (disk full, temperature in excess of 40C) with the help of rrd
  • Full integration of RRD's statistics anomalies (HWSEASON & PREDICT)

Beyond that

We have plans, but no time-table.

  • A Dashboard showing interesting things (a start of this is in 2.0, the critical/warning page).
  • A common Munin::Plugin oop framework for module creation in perl, python and ruby (ssm wants to do this)

Other things that need doing

  • More documentation in this wiki
  • More SNMP plugins

Things that won't get implemented

  • Consolidate RRDs so that one service (~plugin) gets one RRD. This enhances update and graph speed (see #444). This has many issues (adding/removing fields), and it gets mostly solved via rrdcached.

See Also

See the WishList too for ideas

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