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Attention: This page served as a giant brainstorming for future versions. The thing is that no-one looks much at it, as we are in a quite agile world. So, future features are currently discussed more over IRC, during the WeeklyMeeting. This enables us to be quite agile and respond quickly to unexpected needs. It also helps to focus on useful core tasks.

Put your wishes here. (The ticket base can also be used as a wishlist).


  • Drill Down
  • Zoomable graphs (2.0)
  • native SSH-node transport
  • Graph Colors ala Edward Tufte subdued background, axis and text colors, clear graph colors to draw attention to the important bits. (in trunk as of 2011-07-15, for 2.0)
  • Implement offline mode. Munin should request data from the last time it successfully received any otherwise if there are significant downtime periods gaps will appear on the graphs. (This is called munin async and is available in 2.0)

In progress

State as JSON

Munin should be able to output the current value as plain text outside the graph for easy screen-scraping of munin values. Useful when you want to automatically monitor machines you do not have root access to, or you cannot speak with munin-node directly, but are only able to see the munin graphs webpage.

Patches available but not integrated

  • GUI to create agregated graphs - DONE - see attachment
  • More work on the templates. Tabs for each category - makes it harder to scroll, but easier to get quickly back and forth. See Munstrap.

Considered for inclusion

  • Having contextual help on each graph, autogenerated from munin-doc. Using munin for maintenance people would be much easier if concise information is available about what those graphs really mean. You currently have to log into the node with the plugin to be sure it's the right doc. Expecting users to read plugin's code is not ideal.
  • Documentation on how to rename hosts properly
  • Support the TICK linetype present in rrdtool, for marking points or on/off states.


  • 2011jul14: Custom link target when clicking on a graph, configurable in plugin, through graph_target url (all graphs) or graph_target-day/week/month/year url (per time base graph).
  • 2011jul17: Placing plugins into subdirectories of the base plugin directory use the directory name as section name the graph appears under. This would allow easy organisation of graphs, without the need of editing graph_category in the respective plugin source.
  • GUI to create percentage-from-numbers graphs
  • GUI to create custom "frankenstein" pages by picking graphs from other places [there is at least one version of that submitted somewhere]
  • Dashboard showing "interesting things". Currently we are a quite simple hack away from a dashboard showing graphs with warning or critical status. Other interesting graphs could be: Steep inclines or declines. RRD based anomalty detection. From "Rocksteady": If measured values fall outside the holst-winters prediction it's interesting.
  • Plugin console on the central node - makes munin-node enable and disable plugins and control wildcard plugin params (requires protocol extentions, and probably authentication). A really cool console would allow uploading of plugins to the nodes.

  • <pluginname>.update no in the munin.conf should also mean: do not draw the graph, because it is empty (actually, it's not, since it can be a virtual plugin, which is a CDEF of others.
  • add support to optimize png via optipng to reduce traffic.
  • monitor keyboard usage in the users plugin
  • Let munin output its data in JSON formatting. This enables more flexibility for themes. Since it is then possible to load the data through jQuery and enable AJAX based websites and/or Mobile websites.
  • By design fieldname.max for each plugin, default value given by plugin, but optionaly configurable by plugin-conf.d. Purpose - preventing spikes. For example forks have max 100000, but it's too much for some systems, then when I want change max, I must change munin plugin source. But it is config business.
  • A concept of Tags to introduce searchable free-text metadata for node, plugin and field.

Archive (Done in released version)

  • logarithmic graphs, so spikes do not make general low activity disappear

See also the Roadmap containing plans for next Munin versions.

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