{fieldname}.line is an optional attribute creates a horizontal line in the graph.


Attribute name{fieldname}.line
ValueValue [:color [:label]]
Allowed charactersEverything except : (splits the fields) and # (interpreted as comment).
Spaces allowedYes
ContextDatasource-specific plugin attributes?
Default valueThe default color is red (#FF0000)


Please note that neither the line nor its legend will not be visible if its value is outside the graph's scale. If it is desirable that the line will show at all times, please consider adding --upper-limit <value> to graph_args.

Also note that this attribute initiates RRD's HRULE, and not RRD's LINE.


In the example below, munin-graph? will draw a green horizontal line (HRULE) at the value 5. Also, an entry will appear in the legend with whatever was entered as label.

# munin-run apt config
graph_title Pending packages
graph no
pending.label pending
pending.warning 0:0
pending.line 5:00ff00:Limit
hold.label hold


{fieldname}.line accepts up to three arguments, separated by a colon (:).

  • The first (which is required) is the value at which the line should be drawn.
  • The second is the color, given in hex RGB format, i.e. RRGGBB.
  • The third argument is the label, allowing all characters except colon (which will be suppressed).

Further documentation

See the RRD documentation for more details.

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