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{fieldname}.warning defines low and/or high thresholds that will be used by munin-limits? to warn external systems like Nagios if the read value is outside the given range.


Attribute name{fieldname}.warning
Valuemin:max, min: or :max
Allowed characters[0-9:.-]
Spaces allowedNo
ContextDatasource-specific plugin attributes
Default valueNone


In the example below, munin-limits? will send a warning if the number of pending packages is higher than (or, although improbable, lower than) 0 packages.

# munin-run apt config
graph_title Pending packages
graph no
pending.label pending
pending.warning 0:0
hold.label hold

Other values

To send a warning if the read value is below a given number, this munin.conf example - borrowed from a busy mail system which should never see no mails coming through - could be useful:

    postfix_mailstats.delivered.warning 1:

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