Well-known plugin categories

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A plugin that outputs a graph_category attribute will get the graph grouped with other plugin graphs refering to the same category.

To get a clear and user-friendly overview in Munin website, the list of categories should be small and meaningful.

This table lists our well-known graph categories (as partly already implemented in the plugins Core Collection) and a description, which data sources are suitable for the different categories.

As we are just sorting out category terms from the contrib repository, the list is meant as a proposal to discuss and comment. You can do so on our mailing list or here in the wiki.

Plugin contributors should refer to this categories when uploading their plugins to the repository. Important: Please write the config line for plugins category in a concrete string (e.g. graph_category memory). The gallery build script scans for such a line in the plugins source code and needs it. Otherwise (e.g. use of variables) your plugin will only be shown under "other".

antivirusAnti virus tools (like amavis, clamav, ..)
appserverApplication Servers like Glassfish, JBoss, ..
authAll measurements around authentication servers and services
chatChat-Servers (ejabberd, ..)
cpuCPU measurements
dbDatabase servers like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Informix
dnsDomain name servers like bind, pdns, ..
diskDisk measurements (disk space, free inodes, throughput etc)
fsFocus on filesystem activities (xfs, zfs, ..) including network file systems (nfs, samba, ..) or put them to category network ?
loadbalancerhaproxy, ipvs, ..
mailMail throughput, mail queues, etc.
memory All kind of Memory measurements. Note that info about memory caching servers is also placed here
munin Monitoring of the Munin services.
networkNetwork efficiency, bandwidth, amounts of data transported etc. Info about snort measurements are also shown here. Shall network filesystems like nfs and samba go to this category or to category fs (Filesystem)?
ldapDifferent aspects of the LDAP servers, e.g. number of queries pr second and the degree of indexed values. (OpenLDAP, ..)
otherThe default if no graph_category is set.
printing ..
processesProcess and kernel related measurements.
searchAll kinds of measurement around search engines.
securityInfo about pending update packages for OS.
sensorsTemperatures, voltages, fan speeds. Note that disk temperatures (read through smartctl) and currency measurements from ups, rectifier, etc. are also classified here.
spamfilterwatch your spam fighters at work (spamassassin, spamd, ..)
system ..
timeNTP measurements
virtualizationAll kind of measurements about server virtualization. Includes also Operating-system-level virtualization.
voipAsterisk, ..
webserverAll kinds of webserver measurements for Apache, nginx and other (web)server as Tomcat and also utilities like varnish.
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