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The host_name attribute is required if you want the running munin-node to query remote hosts and present them as such.

The host_name attribute is optional and should normaly not be given by plugins. It is handled specially by munin-node so that a munin-node may represent several machines (act as a proxy). Munin-node detects all the available host_names by running all plugins with config at node-startup. The central munin server must be configured if it is to pick up these additional host names.


Attribute namehost_name
ValueFully qualified host name (FQDN)
Allowed characters[a-zA-Z0-9-.]
Space allowedNo
ContextGlobal plugin attributes
Default valueThe host name of the host that runs the munin-node process that is queried.


donald:/etc/munin/plugins# munin-run snmp_adsl-router.hjemme.ruberg.no_if_106 config
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