Auto/self configuration

Plugins are now auto configuring in the sense that they can detect if they make sense on the running system and wild card plugins can identify which things they can monitor.

There is one piece of configuration we're missing: That plugins can tell munin-node-configure (or some such) how they want to be configured. For example that a iptables plugin must have user root and the nvidia_ plugin env.HOME /usr/share/munin in its configuration.

The value selfconfig in the capabilities (autoconf has already been used) magic marker could indicate this. And a 'selfconfig' method must be defined in the plugin that emits the configuration section/file to stick in /etc/munin/plugin-conf.d (or analogous directory).

NOTE: The plugin-conf.d directory and the files therein must not be writable by ordinary plugins (user munin, group munin). Also the install procedure should have a admin review step to verify the sanity, and safety of the configurations.

Jimmy notes that selfconfig doesn't sound very self-explanatory for the role, maybe genconfig, generateconfig or something like that instead?

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