To help make Munin a good and easy network monitoring tool we should adopt some network discovery tools.

  • Andreas, formerly of Linpro, wrote a network discovery tool powerful enough to support building a DHCP database and show what MACs/IPs existed on each port of a switched cisco network.
  • Sysadmin Magazine has had an article series (by Luis Muñoz) called Getting to Know Your Network where there is done discovery and topological graphing. Graphing is done by Graphviz.
  • Knowing all this munin should be able to pinpoint network hot spots (sustained >85% port usage, for ports not connected to hosts? Host ports should be allowed to saturate 100Mbps a while) and to suggest hosts that may be responsible for the hot spot. And show a simple network map with the trafic graphs embedded.
  • What more can we do if we know everything about the traffic loading of the network?
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