In Munin 1.3.4 and 1.2.6 there is a munindoc command that can be used to view POD documentation in plugins or separate .pod files if the plugin language is not suited for embedded POD. The apache_ and irqstats plugins in these versions are examples on what information should be included in a plugin POD. For SNMP plugins please see snmp__uptime -- in particular a MIB INFORMATION header has been added. Please note that documenting the plugins in the distribution is an ongoing project. Volunteers would be appreciated.

POD documents originate from the world of Perl, but it's possible to embed POD in other language scripts as well. In a shell script you can go like this:

: <<=cut
=head1 NAME

multips - Munin plugin ...



The ":" starts a null command with the text up until the line "=cut" as standard input (a "here document"). In other languages it could be embedded in strings, comment blocks or something like that. But, you can also write a separate .pod file for the plugin, when munindoc multips is run, the command first looks for POD in multips.pod and then in multips.

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