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You can browse description and graph images for Munin Plugins in the Munin Gallery on our project server.

It is not yet complete. Example graph images are still missing and many plugins lack perldoc sections. Help from contributors is welcome :-) Have a look at our instructions here in the Munin Wiki




Munin plugins run on all the different nodes that Munin monitors and report back all kinds of different statistics that Munin can graph.

Each munin-node installation brings an initial set of plugins to your node. Depending on the purpose and equipment of the node, you may want to add further plugins to monitor special services or hardware.

Download Resources

Munin Exchange was the place to look for new plugins and contribute your own ones to the community, but the website does not work anymore. The contributed plugins are now on github:

Debian users can get install the package munin-plugins-extra.

We may integrate vetted plugins from the contrib repository into the main munin distribution. They shall have a good quality, fullfill the requirements for vetted plugins, and users shall get support from the plugin developers.

You can add your favorite plugin to the proposal list?.

Handling And Writing Plugins

Plugins are fun to write because very little effort is needed and is awarded with a quite nice graph pretty quickly.

Y'know, I really liked writing Munin plugins - A retired sysadmin

There is a great emphasis on making it simple to write plugins for Munin.

Reference Material On Plugins

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