knan on IRC suggested binning as a protocol extension. Original version is Here's the RFC for it, please amend it for continuous discussion.

The protocol output is :

blarg1.draw LINE1
blarg1.numbins 2
blarg1.bins -INF 0 1 9.999 100 INF

blarg1.value 50
blarg1.raw 50 33 47 77 87 21

The graph styles are the same as normal graphs. The graph will automatically generate different fields based upon the binning parameters. Therefore it will automatically stack upon the binning field draw parameter.

first run makes data series blarg1-multi-1 .. blarg1-multi-5, expanding the dataseries as necessary when values show up outside the bins. By default splits the difference between highest and lowest value.

If number of bins is hardcoded, lower limit of lower bin is -INF and upper limit of upper bin is INF.

Automatic minimum 5 or so, can be overridden down to 2.

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