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When a plugin is invoked with config as (the only) argument it is expected to output configuration information for the graph it supports. This output consists of a number of attributes. They are divided into one set of global attributes and then one or more set(s) of datasource-specific attributes.

Global attributes

The first table shows global attributes.

graph_titleREQUIRED. The title of the graph, defaults to the plugin's name.
create_args?If set, the arguments will be passed on to rrdcreate.
graph_argsIf set, the arguments will be passed on to rrdgraph.
graph_categoryIf set, the plugin will classify itself as the given value. Defaults to "Other".
graph_info?Provides general information on what the plugin does.
graph_orderThe order in which to draw the data sources. Can also include path aliases on the form alias=domain;host:graph.datasource. See loaning data for details.
graph_vlabel?Y-axis label of the graph.
graph_total?If set, summarizes all the data sources' values and use the value of graph_total? as label. Note that, since 2.1, using the special undef keyword disables it (to override in munin.conf)
graph_scaleDefault on/yes. If set, disables automatic unit scaling of values.
graph?Set to "yes" or "no". Decides whether to draw the graph. Defaults to "yes".
host_nameOverride the host name for which this plugin is run.
updateSet to "yes" or "no". Decides whether munin-update should fetch data for the graph. Defaults to "yes".
graph_periodFor DERIVE and COUNTER values denotes the time unit munin (actually rrd) uses to calculate the average rates of change. By default "second". The only other possible value is "minute". Changing this does not change munins sample interval - this remains at 5 minutes for the time being.
graph_vtitle?Y-axis label of the graph. NOTE: Deprecated, use graph_vlabel?
graph_widthThe width of the graph. Note that this is the graph's width, not the PNG image's.
graph_heightThe height of the graph. Note that this is the graph's height, not the PNG image's.
graph_printf formatSpecifies the format for printing as documented in the rrdgraph_graph man page. The default is either %6.2lf or %7.2lf depending on the graphs --base. This does not affect the format of average numbers. Available from 1.3.3.

Data source attributes

Below are attributes that must/may be used for each data source (each data source identified by {fieldname}) the plugin monitors.

Also read notes on datasource names.

{fieldname}Not really an attribute, but included here to describe the fieldname.
{fieldname}.label Name of the data source. If one is needed and not supplied then "No .label supplied" will be used. In special cases like stacking a label is not needed. Since 1.4.0 this attribute is no longer required.
{fieldname}.cdefRPN expression. Modify the value(s) before graphing. See the FAQ for examples.
{fieldname}.drawHow to draw the values from the data source: AREA, LINE1, LINE2, LINE3 or STACK. Defaults to LINE2. From munin 2.0, the default is LINE1. From 1.3.3 munin additionally supports LINESTACK1, LINESTACK2, LINESTACK3 (or floating point thickness) as well as AREASTACK
{fieldname}.graph?Set to "no" or "yes. Decides whether to graph the data source. Defaults to yes.
{fieldname}.info?Detailed information for a datum displayed in HTML pages for a given graph.
{fieldname}.extinfo? Extended information that is included in alert messages (see .warning and .critical). Since 1.4.0 it is also included in the HTML pages.
{fieldname}.max?Maximum value. If the fetched value is above "max", it will be discarded.
{fieldname}.min?Minimum value. If the fetched value is below "min", it will be discarded.
{fieldname}.negative?Name of field to 'mirror' on the opposite side of zero. See the Best Practices for examples.
{fieldname}.typeType of datasource, COUNTER, ABSOLUTE, DERIVE and GAUGE, defaults to GAUGE. The values must be written in capitals. Click the link or read the rrdcreate manual for more info.
{fieldname}.warningUsed by munin-limits. Lets munin-limits submit an error code indicating warning if the value read is outside given range. Can be a max value or a range separated by colon. E.g. "min:", ":max", "min:max", "max". See this article for details.
{fieldname}.criticalSame as {fieldname}.warning, but lets munin-limits submit an error code indicating critical.
{fieldname}.colourCustom specification of colour for drawing this value. Available from 1.2.5 and 1.3.3.
{fieldname}.skipdraw?Disables drawing of datasource. NOTE: Deprecated - use '{fieldname}.graph? no' instead.
{fieldname}.sum?Function for creating summary graphs. See the FAQ for general info, and aggregate examples for a detailed example.
{fieldname}.stack?Function for creating stacked graphs. See the FAQ for general info, and stack examples for a detailed example.
{fieldname}.linevalue[:color[:label]] Adds a horizontal line with the fieldname's colour (HRULE) at the value defined. Will not show if outside the graph's scale. See RRD documentation for details.
{fieldname}.oldname?Specifies the previous name of this fieldname. If this attribute is available the first time the master sees the renamed field it will try to preserve the history from oldname. Available from 1.4.
{fieldname}.value?Does not really belong here, because it should not be listed in the config context. Output must be integer or decimal number.
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