Spoolfetch repository format proposal

Format of the storing directory for the spoolfetch? implementation. Its design is based on ideas borrowed from Subversion's server storage system.

  • There is the file ${spooldir}/README.txt that explains the content of the spooldir directory. It is created when creating the spooldir, and unchanged after.
  • A config file ${spooldir}/format that stores versioning & configuration informations for the spooldir.
  • The config is stored in the file ${spooldir}/${node}/${plugin}.config
  • The values are stored in the file ${spooldir}/${node}/${plugin}.${epoch_mod_N}.data

The ${epoch_mod_N} is the epoch modulo N. It permits to limit inode consumption, while still being able to avoid locking (append-only whole lines), ease cleanup (old files may be pruned easily) & indexed epoch access (just open the correct file and filter it line per line on the epoch stored in it).

File examples


This is a Munin Spoolfetch repository.
Do not add, delete, or modify files here unless you know how
to avoid corrupting the repository.

Visit for more information.


Magic: MuninSpoolDir
Version: 1
EpochModulo: 300
Last modified at 2010-06-23T09:10:37+02:00 Last modified on 2010-06-23T09:10:37+02:00