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Given this configuration:


If you add use_node_name yes then munin-update will snoop the munin-nodes host name from the connection banner:

# munin node at lookfar

(e.g., "lookfar" in this case) and use that to retrieve plugin names. In the protocol this takes this form

list lookfar
acpi apt apt_all cpu cpuspeed df df_inode ...

If use_node_name is no then the host name from the master configuration stanza is used: If the node itself thinks it is called "lookfar" this would retrieve an empty list:

<empty line>

If the node does not know its correct host name then in munin-node.conf you can use the directive host_name <host name> to set it.

use_node_name no is the default and this should normally not be changed. The correct fix is to make the nodes know their correct host names.

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