Commercial Offerings

We are not involved in any offering unless explicitely mentionned.

This page lists several commercial offerings that may be of interest to the community. Each business/advertiser can post one item per section in alphabetical order with:

  • 1 link to their service
  • Short description of the service (30-40 words)

(To be added to this list, contact us on our IRC channel)

Custom Development (Core Features & Custom Plugins)

Steve Schnepp is the lead dev, and has done some sponsored features in the past. They were merged in the main codebase for the next release with public proper sponsorship attribution.

We do not look for directly sponsored work anymore, as we are now more keen on offering (free) guidance to anyone wanting to contribute significantly to publicly mergeable code. It has proven to be a much more scalable way of integrating changes.

Support and Training

Steve Schnepp does not provide anymore private support and training for the foreseeable future. That said, as the previous item stated, he’ll happily provide free support for setups that are of some interest of the project itself. Usually that means large scale deployments, which we don’t have easy access to otherwise.

Hosting and Hosted versions (Software As A Service)