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About support

To ensure proper response and not only guesswork, please include any relevant configuration files and/or environment files. It also helps if you include output from any debugging sessions (see Debugging Munin and Debugging Munin plugins) where applicable. Also include relevant information like what operating system is in use, distribution if applicable, and whether you use SELinux or something similar. Too much information is better than too little information.

If you have problems with a plugin that is not included in the Munin distribution, you must explain where you found it.

If you don't want to disclose your organization's host names or IP scheme, feel free to obfuscate the config files as long as you do it consistently, i.e. replace with and with and so on. BUT! If you do so it may actually be harder to answer your question because making the replacement is another source of errors.

Always remember that the quality of the answer is strongly correlated to the quality of the question. If you are not precise when asking questions, you will not get precise answers. This may be summed up with the familiar expression "Garbage in, garbage out".