Loaning data from other graphs

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Through the use of the graph_order? directive, when used in munin.conf, Munin is able to loan/reuse data already collected by other plugins. This is useful when creating stacking or aggregating graphs.

Unfortunately, Munin is not yet able to loan a whole graph from one host/group to another - only single data sources.

Example: Server load

This example creates a new graph showing the load of two servers.

    use_node_name no
    update no

    loadall.update no
    loadall.graph_title Load of all servers
    loadall.graph_args --base 1000  
    loadall.graph_vlabel Load
    loadall.graph_scale no
    loadall.graph_category system

    loadall.graph_order \ \

Example: Selectively displaying temperatures

The plugin delivers 7 sensor values, but we're interested in some of them only - not all. So we simply create a new graph that contains only some of the data lines. sensor3 is omitted here.


sensor3 is the outside temperature, which makes it difficult to see the inner temperatures.


Afterwards, the inner temperatures are much more readable:

loaning temperatures


    use_node_name no  

    tempinnen.update no
    tempinnen.graph_title Temperatur innen
    tempinnen.graph_args --base 1000  
    tempinnen.graph_vlabel Temperature
    tempinnen.graph_info Shows the temperature of different thermometers
    tempinnen.graph_scale no
    tempinnen.graph_category innen  

    tempinnen.graph_order \
        Schlafzimmer=haus:usb_wde1_temperature.sensor0 \
        Wohnzimmer=haus:usb_wde1_temperature.sensor1 \  
        Buero=haus:usb_wde1_temperature.sensor2 \
        Bad=haus:usb_wde1_temperature.sensor4 \  
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